November 5th, 2006


from yesterday because LJ was down

Well I rcvd a reminder to renew from Nominet, cc'd into my old host. It was nice to get a reminder as I hadn't had a first notification and the renewal date had just passed. Still got onto Supanames, my current host, and I had confirmation back within a couple of hours (after the 4 automatic 'we have your request, here is your ref no' emails) that it had been sorted. Not being doubting you understand, but I checked and it has been updated.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling my best but I did have a nice surprise. I got a parcel from Moonwise with some freebies as they used another four of my poems in the 2007 diary: Concrete and Clay, Of my gods, The World Turns and The Green Temple.

Breathing still no better and leg still swollen, but GP on me books tomorrow.
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