November 8th, 2006


wet wellington

that's what it was like this morning when I woke up. From the mid shin I had a tide mark and everything below it was soggy. I even left a foot print trail when I went to the bathroom.

The Nurse called to see if she needed to come - so she did.

Dosen't look so red down there now but the blisters are still there, even though the nurse keeps lancing them. In fact you can actually see them grow. Once she takes of the dressing, blisters pop up in real time, like an inflating bouncy castle. So today I have big pads of absorbent pink foam as well as surgipads amongst my dressings.

I think the swelling may have gone down a bit as there is now some fleshy wobbles in the thigh whereas before it was tight.

I wonder if it might be down to the physalis I've been munching. Apparently they are a duiretic, although I only ordered them this week on a whim as I hadn't had any for years (to be honest I had forgetten how much I liked them - just wish they weren't so expensive)

I woke at 4:20 this morning with a very tight chest but my reliever took care of it in about 10 minutes and I dropped back to sleep. A bit breathless still but still hopeful for improvement with the meds.

Well that's all for today-no morning sickness yet LOL

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