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Bugger again

It looks like the pills I have to help with my asthma are making me worse.

When I saw my GP I was told that the purple pump should keep me improving until about a month when it hits full strength. I was then offered the pills as an added factor then, but as I was worried about my having another attack GP said I could try them now.

So I took the first pill. Friday I woke up worse. I was really out of breath again. The patient info says that some people are allergic to the pill and it can make their condition worse. As Friday went on my breathing improved and Saturday I didn't feel too bad, almost back to how I was on Thursday. So last night I tried another pill.

This morning I'm worse again. So things should improve during the day (they are a bit better apart from the bloody migraine that came on this morning- still I haven't had a big one for some time so I am overdue). And tomorrow I should feel better - if not my GP is on duty...

The fact that both times I've taken the pill have lead to breathing problems seems a pretty scientific way of proving its the pill at fault. As such if I improve over night as I expect to, I will leave them off and talk to my GP when I see him in a couple of weeks (yes he sees me every 4 weeks)

My reliever has helped this morning but it only goes so far. Its enough to make me comfortable as long as I don't do too much.

Just as well Axeman is covering the UKP quiz again this week as I don't think I'd be up to it now, though of course if things work out I'll be a bit better by then. I do hope to take part though.

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