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Just call me Bigfoot...

My right leg is twice the size of my left and rather painful to bend. As such I am sitting with it raised and taking paracetamol to help with the discomfort. The are no increases to red areas and it isn't hot so the gods only know what is going on. I'm almost hoping that the leg will start leaking again in the hope it might start to shrink.

I had a reasonable night. No attacks but I was awake from 3am till 4.30am reading as I just couldn't sleep. I'm still pretty much out of breath and going to the loo takes it right out of me (which is a big pity as that is something that could work towards reducing the swelling) but I think I might be a fraction better and I hoping that 3 days (today and the weekend) rest will put me in a position to make it to the surgery (otherwise GP will have to come to me). Mind you I don't know if I'll be able to walk in a straight line – I might end up walking in a circle around the tree trunk descending from my right trouser leg (if I can get me shorts on that is. Eek this could be embarrassing!!)

Still as I said I do feel a bit better in myself and have just eaten a really nice dinner. Its the first proper meal I've had this week, all I had yesterday were a couple of boiled eggs. But today we had chicken chasseur courtesy of one of the powered casserole mixes. I don't normally go for things like that as I prefer to start from scratch but it were very nice and although I couldn't finish all the chicken, the sauce was another matter...

I must admit that I'm getting a nice warm buzz every time I see an advert for Doctor Who action figures and toys, I just wish that they'd been around when I was a kid (yes I did have the Denys Fisher Doctor and TARDIS, though I tend to agree with the rumours that the doll was styled on Gareth Hunt and not Tom Baker) and I will admit to having picked up a couple (latest being Capt Jack – and yes he is very flexible :lol:) but the buzz is still something to experience. Likewise is the buzz of seeing the show pick up three more awards at the NTA this week. I wonder if Freema will emulate Billie next year?

Of course what I'm not looking forward to is all the fireworks this weekend, not only for the noise and interference they cause but also the pollution which could worsen my breathing. That said I am a staunch supporter of cultural traditions – I just wish they did smoke free fireworks.

Oh and something I meant to comment on t'other day. In daytime soap 'Doctors' (set in a group practice that always has appointments when needed (both before or after surgery hours)and where Doctors will drop everything to do a home visit if they get a phone call- I wish!!) Donna (snooty jobsworth receptionist) didn't want to go to a Halloween party because it was a 'Pagan celebration of the dead' but Dr Jimmi (young, Welsh, separated from his much older wife (Emma Samms) afflicted with OCDs due to a abusive father) turned round and said that 'Paganism was concerned with nature and the seasons, and wasn't much unlike the Hindu concept of the wheel of life'. Well maybe not an all inclusive description but bravo for Doctors for taking the chance to challenge 'popular' views.

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