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There are stupid, pig-headed people out there...

...and I'm one of them. There are also some nice people to as you will see...

oh and there are some pictures that you might not want to look at if you are eating or having a pedicure. Its all behind the cut

Yesterday I had an appointment to see my GP. As I felt a little better over the weekend and I was able to navigate rooms with only a little breathlessness I decided to keep my booked appointment and allow myself plenty of time to get to the surgery.

I took two sticks as I felt they would be better able to let me rest and as my leg was still swollen (more on that later) they would probably be helpful getting on and off the bus. Once I got out of the house and was in the street however things became apparent: 1 – it was foggy and cold, 2 – I was having major difficulties breathing, 3 – I was a stupid pig-headed idiot who should really have gone home and called the doctor to me!

It took a loooooooong time to get to the bus stop, in fact 1 bus came and went in my sight. I got straight on a bus though and when we got off the other end it took half an hour for me to cover the short (we're talking 5 minutes walk) to the surgery. I was having to stop and gasp, doubled up on my sticks every 5 or 6 steps. It was so bad that a woman came out and asked if I'd like to come in and rest in her house. I refused because it wouldn't really have helped, so she then wouldn't go away until we reached the surgery; she walked with me and helped across the road.

All in all though I was completely puffed out I didn't feel too bad when I got there.

Saw GP about my breathing and told him the other pills had made it worse. So have now got another course of steroids (they make me somewhat moody so if I'm snarky with anyone this week please accept my apologies) and a stronger dose purple inhaler. I also have a form to go for a chest X-ray when I'm feeling up to it. My instant fear is that I have the mesothelioma that killed my father. He had no symptoms until he developed a cough and then couldn't breathe, much like I am at the moment. The chances of this though are very unlikely, but I can't discount the little voice in the back of my head so easily.

The other problem was my leg. Other than being jumbo size and a bit red on the foot things were fine on Sunday. During the night it did feel a bit prickly and Monday morning I woke to a much redder leg, hot and covered in blisters. Yes folks our old friend cellulitis is back in town!! In some ways I'm glad as firstly its out in the open and may well be responsible for the swelling and also because it chose the right day to manifest itself. So I'm now on a course of antibiotics, the same one a day hard to get ones (and mother has to go back for the rest today) that I had before. I have a course of 10 which worked last time and the maximum dose you are allowed is 14 and epileptics are warned not to take them, but I had no trouble last time so I hope there won't be any this time.

Here are some nice piccies of my cellulitic blisters. Please look away if eating :p
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The journey home however was not a good one. I made the choice to let the first bus go as I was still catching my breath. We took the next bus which drops us back at home. The stop is the other side of the road, then you go down a turning which is 2 garden lengths and then we're the 3rd door along. The journey took over an hour. I was in really serious trouble and having to stop, doubled over my sticks, every couple of steps. I must really have looked bad as there is a doctor's surgery opposite the bus stop (and directly behind our house – it weren't there when we moved and he's closing down to become a nursery within the next 2 years) and the receptionist came out to see if I wanted to rest in their waiting room, but this would take me off course so I said no thanks. Mother went on ahead (this was my idea as I felt I was better able to marshal my forces without her trying to help me) and as I was crossing the road (its got an island in the middle and I did wait until there was no traffic) the doctor himself came out and met me in the middle. He walked me across the road and asked about my health and how far I had to go (he had already diagnosed the lympoeodema and ulcers from sight), he again offered the use of his waiting room but admitted it would mean walking further ultimately, he also said that i would do better with a Zimmer frame and he would've lent me one if he had one (hearing that is a bit of a blow, but it was a quite reasonable suggestion). By then my mum had come back and when he was happy I was getting my breath back he left us.

We finally got in, though by this point I was at the point of near collapse and finding my vision blurring with the effort. The whole thing took everything I had and then some. I was too out of it to even watch TV last night and the thought of going online was a far away country (one with a strict visa policy, no bananas and speaking a language with no vwls). Even this morning my body still aches, my hands are sore and I have very little strength in my arms.

One thing is for sure. I have learnt a very valuable lesson here. One learnt painfully and at a great cost – I will not try to go out if my breathing is bad again, the GP will have to come to me.

Oh and my flu jab has been put back again, though I have a sneaky suspicion that the date will be changed yet again as both my steroids and antibiotics are still being taken on that day – mother is keeping her jab this week so she will check with the nurse then.

Woke this morning to find the Right leg dressings saturated, so have had to call the nurses back in. I would assume some of the blisters went pop in the night. Nurse has just been and boy are those blisters popping up. Here are a couple of more piccies grabbed today while nurse was working.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh and one last thing. I am with child!! Instead of ticking the box that says I am exempted from paying prescription charges (being epileptic) mum instead ticked the box saying that I am pregnant. Still it gave the pharmacist a laugh.
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