wheezzing again

Don't know why but my breathing has taken a turn for the worse again.

2 suspects

- 1 its a reaction to the new pill. I'm not going to take anymore this weekend to see what happens.

-2 its the sudden downturn in temperature (it got really cold in the night, I had to put another fleece on)

If its the first I hope to see an improvement over the weekend

If its the latter I could be in trouble

At any rate I now feel as though I've moved back 5 days.

Not good.

It always seems to happen on weekends when our GP only has a callout locum (call him now when he turns up.....)

When I had the big attack 2 Saturdays ago it was much worse (I wrote me mum a letter telling her how much I loved her just in case I didn't get through the night) but its not a development I like

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Bl**dy Spammers

Just had to delete around 21 spam postings from Fool's Forum. They were mainly links to porno sites and drug suppliers (the quasi legal sex enhancer type).

I suppose thats what happens if you have areas open to guest posters. Still they were deleted quicksmart. Pity I can't ban the IP address but the banning system requires the target to have registered.


Oh and BTW the chunky tomato soup was a mistake. Next time I get the blender out. I ended up with two bowls of pale orange lumps with spots. Didn't taste too bad though.
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Back from GP

GP had a total computer failure so things were a right mess, luckilly they had it sorted by the time he arrived and my appointment.

Not much to add except that I now have a pill (montelukast)to take of an evening to help with the asthma. Mothers just of to get the meds as I was much to out of breath to go to the pharmacy as well.

Got nurses comming this arvo (gods know what time) and leg is damp.

Will have a sarnie (or rather my fave - ham crusty roll) for lunch (hopefully) and then cook my famed cream of tomato (but this time extra chunky coz I can't be arsed to get the blender out) soup for tea. Don't want to be half way through sweating an onion and have the DN turn up :)

Mother picked up a bargain yesterday, a 1lb loaf tin - non-stick and seamless. Our old loaf tin was going rusty (and it was always stick and had seams in it) so we needed a replacement. £1.50 in the local shop that never opens when you want it to which is good value coz when I bought a 2lb one it cost me a fiver.

Well now I suppose I've just got to wait for the nurses...
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chicken tonight, well lunchtime really

Breathing still playing up, but I see GP again tomorrow.

However I did mannage to cook dinner today. I did a little experiment which produced a rather tasty curry out of some chicken, potato, carrot and left over marrow.

Mother enjoyed it and is even now looking at ways to ensure some more left over marrow :)

Top tip = boil in the bag rice; its nice, its easy and its basmati
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Enjoyed the UKP quiz last night, even took part, my thanks to Axeman for jumping in. I also enjoyed Torchwood and have put synopses up for both episodes on Fool's Forum.

Well today legs were dry according to DN. They felt wet to me but the inside of the dressings were stuck to me so I guess they may actually have been dry. Nurse coming back on Thursday so I get a bit of a lay in now ;)

I also want to have a go at cooking dinner again this week. I normally do at least once but recently haven't been able to, so lets see what develops. Breathing is perhaps marginally better today (if I don't move to far or fast) and that will be the governor.

One good thing is that I'm no longer growing mushrooms and the cream has been stopped as it was making my toes sore.

Now for the 2nd time in 3 days I have been cut off by BT. Both times I was online and only noticed when I tried to post and found the dial tone had gone. Last time was Saturday and I was O/L for 20 mins when suddenly the phone blipped and the line came back. Tonight I dialled the report line on my mobile which of course costs money as it isn't a freephone for Virgin and when they did the automatic line test, low and behold the phone blipped and the line came back. Now we've heard a few blips recently but I haven't been online as I've not been up to it so it could be that the line has been up and down. I've reported it over the website though and will follow up if it happens again.
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Diwali and things

Well firstly happy Diwali to any who celebrate. Funny this year there has been a dearth of Diwali cards in our local shops. As this area has a largish Hindu/Sikh community I'm rather surprised, mind you as I have been unable to go out mother has been restricted to the local small shops and not the bigger chain stores.

Health wise no nurses over the weekend. Leg is now feeling a little wet but they will be here tomorrow morning (sometime) to change the outer dressings.

My appetite has more or less back to normal and food is beginning to taste like it should (including those time travelling strawberry mallows which were very nice indeed). Breathing is not so good though. I can get to and from the loo, and indeed today I trimmed my hair (I was beginning to look like a lion) though it did take it all out of me, but I can't do much more without sitting gasping for the next 5 minutes. I'm still on the purple inhaler and am now down to 4 steroids a day, but there seems to be no further improvement.

Most vexing.

Looking forward to the UKP quiz tonight as I will be watching only, Axeman is in charge and methinks folk are in for a treat.

Also looking forward to Torchwood which I will also be watching, though I wont be staying up till midnight for the behind the scenes prog. I know one is repeated on Friday, so hope the other will too.

Oh well soon be Samhain.

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breathing better and unexpected surprises

Well I really meant to post an update yesterday but I was on the web too long and my brain started draining out of my ears. So anyhow here goes:

Yesterday I woke after a lovely night's sleep and I even managed to get to the toilet without help. Of course when I got back I was out of breath for a while but it was an improvement over the previous day. I put this down to the purple inhaler as I had only had the one dose of steroids by then. I spent the morning dozing in my chair.

During the morning we had a knock on the door, a parcel from weatherwitch101 which really cheered me up. A little TARDIS filled with bags of curious strawberry flavour mallows. We've, er, sampled one bag of them but as my taste is still a little skewed I'm keeping the remaining bags till I can enjoy them properly. Hopefully that won't be long.

I had another good night last night though my breathing is a little bit rougher today. Mind you me mum says she finds it a bit hard today so it could be the local weather.

Nurse came late this morning as she had a social worker with her. They are seeing what each other does. A good idea even if the idea of uninvited social workers turning up does give me the shivers. Still I kept her entertained with pictures from my leg's green phase and wet phases. I suppose it made a change from grandchildren ;-)

Eating a little better, managed a tin of soup, some tinned pineapple and a hardboiled egg yesterday (no not all at the same time) and a bacon and egg sandwhich and a pot noodle today. Yes a pot noodle, a handy emergency meal to have. Unfortunatly what food I have within me is now deciding not to stay around too long. Marvelous as each trip leaves me struggling for breath again.

Oh well I hope the steroids grab hold and don't get dislodged...
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and it gets worse...

Well not good today.

I was up much of the night. Sitting slightly forward was a lot easier to breathe than lying back, but only for a little while. So I ran down the battery on my Palm playing Colours and Solitaire. I found that I was having to actively draw each breath rather than let it happen, so I decided to go to the GP.

Mother had a 9:00AM appointment and we decided we would leave early and I would go with her. Even if the only appointment was 12 o'clock I'd just sit in their waiting room.

It was a good plan.

I didn't get to the front door. I was using 2 sticks and managed to get out of the living room but halfway to the door I collapsed. I couldn't breathe and and it were only the sticks that kept me from hitting the deck.

Mother helped me back to my chair and waited until I got my breath. We decided then it would be better to ask for a home visit if possible.

Doctor turned up at just after 13:00pm and I am now on another, longer, course of steroids (8pills daily for 5 days then 4 daily for another 5) plus he has changed my old brown inhaler for a natty purple one with a built in dose counter. Apparently I am to take my reliever (blue inhaler) regularly and then take the purple one twice a day – it contains both a preventer and a reliever and each dose should last for 12 hours. It was my regular Doc so I was happy about that.

As it is I feel absolutely grotty. I cant sit up for too long without coughing nor can I lay back comfortably. I'm right off my food (I did manage a tin of veggie soup today but it didn't taste right, and a single bit of cardboard and shit for tea, though Mother assures me that it was really a ½ slice of bread and strawberry jam) as it is most food either makes me feel like retching or I can't swallow it. As such today has been the most I've eaten since Friday.
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I feel terrible

As you may have known (I'm sure I wrote it down somewhere) I had a severe asthma incident a couple of weeks ago. I was still on my way back to recovery when I suffered a major relapse yesterday.

I know I should have called an ambulance, but I'm too pigheaded and by the the time I could ask me mum to get one I was starting to get my breath back.

So instead I've been ramping up the inhalers and am slowly getting better. I'm not eating (feel sick) and am mostly sitting in the chair dozing.

Walking across the room leaves me gasping, but now its for 10 minute rather than the 1/2 an hour yesterday morning.

I have a GP appointment for Wednesday and hope the inhalers will keep imprving until I then so I can get there OK.

Of course if it gets worse again I will calll 999, but fingers crossed.
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wednesday again

Well not feeling me self at the mo. Bit under the weather. And what weather it is - Thor outdid himself at lunchtime today. Mother nearly through her liver across the room at one point. A right booming crack it were too.

Rcvd this month's Doctor Who Magazine and was surprised to see a letter there about a half naked Cyberman. I was surprised as I'd forgotten I'd sent it (twere only a spur of the moment jibe over a photo)

Mother is harrassing me regarding the Moonwise calendar and diary. I usually contribute and receive a copy by now. Well I contributed but haven't seen anything yet. I'm reluctent to go steaming in, but I am curious and don't want to miss out. She's told me that if I don't email she would - now that I'd like to see (maybe not I value my laptop too much)

Hmmmm been considering taking up BASE jumping.

nah don't think so..